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I want to send email from HP unix using mailx command. I have to include cc and bcc in my email and have to use the specific email address as the sender.

But -r (which is to define the sender's email address) will disalbe ~ commands so if i have to define the sender's email address, i cannot use ~c and ~b commands for cc and bcc.

Is there any work around???? cos these are the requirements from the user.


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can't you embed the cc and bcc in the header(ish) text that is transmitted, just like 'subject:', etc? Good luck. –  shellter Apr 11 '12 at 4:51
what i tried to do was to write the cc and bcc into a file along with the email message. then set up the mailx -r. When the email has been sent, ~c cc@address.com and ~b bcc@address.com are included as the email body, not as cc and bcc. Thanks –  Kyaw Lwin Phyo Apr 11 '12 at 5:42

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Just re-order the arguments to mailx command. That would give the desired result

$ echo "something" | mailx -s "subject" -b bcc_user@some.com -c cc_user@some.com  -r sender@some.com recipient@example.com
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