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I am using the alarm clock code that I found and trying to customize it.

But I get this error : "com.android.internal.R cannot be resolved to a variable " for code:


    // Grab the content view so we can modify it.
    FrameLayout content = (FrameLayout) getWindow().getDecorView()

I am not sure what this piece of code is doing ( so that I could change it) Can you please help me resolve this by some alternative piece of code?

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The solution is simple.

Just replace: com.android.internal.R.id.content into android.R.id.content

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Worked for me without any problems! –  ezpresso Feb 21 at 20:24
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You can directly use R.id.content, you need to have a view by that name in layout.

In your gen->R.java file there should be an int named content which corresponds to a view which should be declared in your res->layout folder. This int would be created automatically by Android.

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What type of view should i declare in the layout foldeR? framelayout view? –  rafia_sultana Apr 11 '12 at 7:07
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