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i have the following folder structure

i have put authmodule inside modules folder which has authentication controller and i want to call this authmodule's controller's function from a view outside of module. my view page is in the application's view folder.

Now i want to call the testfunction of authentication from authpage in main view..? i am writing code like <?php modules::run('authmodule/authentication/test');?> but not working. Help me with this.

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What steps have you taken already? Have you added MX folder into 3rd party? Included MX_Loader/MX_router to core? extended MX_Controller? How did you call the view? – Philip Apr 11 '12 at 7:49

Can you post the code in your controller? Also I think it should be

echo Modules::run('authmodule/authentication/test');

As run function returns the buffered output back;

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