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I have a website and I want users to register and login via Facebook connect. What I can't find out is how to FORCE a registration before logging in. I need all users in my database but it's possible to click the Facebook Login button without registering... I just don't get it, how do I FORCE a registration? Is there any good example on this?

Thanks for your help.

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When you say you need all users in your database, what exactly do you mean?

With the facebook login button, you can still supply a redirect url after they authenticate for the first time and you can then capture their user_id, or potentially forward them to another page that has your own registration form. You could then have a flag in your database that indicates if they are a confirmed user (much like when you send email confirmations) that only gets set to true once they have submitted your extra form.

Check this flag on page load and forward them to your form if they haven't entered those details. Then control access to your site based on that flag.

Or are you saying you're trying to use the registration plugin but that isn't working correctly?

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