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I'm trying to store a text in oracle 11g (I'm using Arabic with English characters) and i want them to be formatted from right to left.

I tried to put RLM character in the beginning (formatting control character) but it appears as a question mark '?' and doesn't change anything.

NLS_Characterset: AR8MSWIN1256

NLS_NCHAR_Characterset: AL16UTF16
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I think the simplest Solution is to use the REVERSE() Function on the specific Field. AFAIK there is no databas/Sessionwide Setting for that.


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I'm not trying to reverse the text. I need it to be stored from right to left coz it contains Arabic text. Is there any function that determines wither the text is stored LTR or RTL ? –  Bilal Abdulaal Jul 3 '12 at 9:59

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