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I'm trying to search the net for muting the Soundpool that I've declared in my program.. any android code for this? As an example, I've used an If-else statement to determine the situation, whether the soundpool should be muted or not... how can I do this?

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Do you really need to mute Soundpool? You can read here about the play method. Here describes the volume parameters. [link](developer.android.com/reference/android/media/…, float, float, int, int, float)) Or you can just pause or stop your SoundPool? –  dimetil Apr 11 '12 at 8:07

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I do something similar in the activity when onPause() and onResume() is called. To pause all the streams which are currently played and then resume playing them you can call autoPause() and autoRestore() respectively.

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Mute would mean to have no sound heard, yet it still plays on. You could try muting the sound stream?

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According to the documentation , you can mute a particular streamID using the setVolume method at a SoundPool object like so:

if (someBoolean)//insert your check here
    soundpool.setVolume(streamID, 0f, 0f); //0f sets volume to zero

(soundpool is a SoundPool object and streamID is the return value of the .play method)

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