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How do I get a live stream of deltas from Meteor collection, for use outside of a webapp?

I'm looking for an initial result set, plus a series of operations on that result set, delivered as the happen.



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The Meteor protocol is called DDP. It does exactly what you're asking for: you send a "subscribe" message that says what data you want to get, and then you get back the initial result set and then a stream of create/update/delete messages.

So what you need is a DDP client for whatever language the other program is written in. Since Meteor is so new, these don't exist yet. But a lot of people already written in to say that they want to write them. If you're interested in getting involved with that you should send a message to contact@meteor.com.

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They just added a small python command-line tool for talking to a Meteor DDP server.

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Geoff is right, but as I searched for the same solution I just found two working with Javascript

hopefully both are working with the specifications for ddp https://github.com/meteor/meteor/blob/master/packages/livedata/DDP.md

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And now I just added oauth support to meteor-ddp github.com/eddflrs/meteor-ddp/pull/2 –  jonperl Aug 1 '13 at 3:58

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