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Why do we have to spend more $$$ for Expression Blend after I already spent $$$$ for Visual Studio 2008 with MSDN subscription? Will there be a service pack for 2008 to support this, will it be part of VS2010, or will we always have to use a separate tool?


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Microsoft has to fund Steve Ballmer's furniture budget from somewhere. Those chairs ain't free, y'know. – Rob Jun 18 '09 at 1:05
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Well, you can do it today (vs 2010 beta). Is it a great idea? I'm not sure.

It seems to me, there will always be room for a design tool for xaml. With animations and brushes and everything else, it doesn't make sense to ball that all into VS. My 2 cents.

HTH, Erik

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I believe Microsoft is planning to keep this as a separate tool, and not include it (at least in the Pro level MSDN subscriptions).

The official thought seems to be Visual Studio->Programmer and Expression->Designer, and officially, the two programs are meant to be used by two separate people. This gives them another revenue source, and a good enough excuse that I doubt they'll change it.

But... I don't work for Microsoft, and I won't pretend to understand the depth's of the craziness associated with Microsoft's development tools business model...

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