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I am an ASP.NET/C# developer by trade but am looking to take on some PHP/MySQL work on the side. Can anyone recommend some good resources for me? Websites and books would be appreciated.

I looked at this question but didn't find the answers particularly helpful. More specifically, I'm looking for PHP equivalents of what I have been using with ASP.NET

  • Master Pages
  • Separation of Logic + Markup
  • Object and Classes

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Here's a related question that you might be interested in. –  Graviton Jun 18 '09 at 1:51
A book I would recommend is "PHP and MySQL Web Development Fourth Edition" by Luke Welling and Laura Thompson. –  teh_noob Jun 18 '09 at 1:57

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For learning PHP from basics, I think the best resource would be http://w3schools.com. This is where I learned myself, and it's still helpful from time to time.

From here, just googling some normal programming problems and adding 'PHP' to the end of the query usually gets you a nice tutorial. For example, googling 'website security PHP' would land you a PHP tutorial on securing sites.

  • Master Pages
  • Separation of Logic + Markup
  • Object and Classes

As for equivalents to these, learning some very known PHP Frameworks, such as Zend and/or Symfony. I'm with the guy in the first answer, I wouldn't recommend learning PHP4 since it's already outdated.

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Personally I would suggest against anything which runs on PHP4, such as Smarty or CakePHP. PHP4 is old and outdated.

For someone who comes from ASP.NET, I would recommend learning the language basics from the excellent documentation at www.php.net, and after that you can continue and pick up a PHP framework. For example the Zend Framework and Symfony are good choices to learn. They are also both well established and have a high quality codebase, which you can use to learn more.

Personally I'm in favor of Zend Fw, as it's loosely coupled and code using it is easy to unit test with PHPUnit. They also have similar components to what you're asking, such as master page like functionality with Zend Layout, separation of view and logic with MVC (Zend Controller and Zend View) and it's fully object-oriented.

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The Smarty Template Engine provides something similar to separation of logic and markup. It also allows you to create Master Pages to a certain degree:


Furthermore, you could look into using a framework such as CakePHP which provides the MVC model (there are others out there of course).

As far as Object and Classes go, I'll leave that up to the experts :) I just know several people bash PHP for no having full Object-Oriented support in earlier version (PHP 5 is getting closer?).

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If it's "work on the side" as in for clients, then I think it would be important for him to learn just plain old basic PHP with out a bunch of confusing junk on the top like some pre-made software like smarty. Because PHP is just a language and not a framework like ASP.NET, its important to learn the basics. Its more like he is moving from C# to PHP then from ASP.NET to PHP. In the long run starting off with the basics would be better to learn PHP5 and not some framework at the same time. C# and PHP are similar anyways, it would be a breze. –  teh_noob Jun 18 '09 at 1:52
I totally agree, especially regarding the the analogy of moving from C# to PHP and then ASP.NET to PHP. However, I think it is also important to express the fact that there are frameworks out there to make things easier once you understand the basic foundations, much like ASP.NET is a framework which makes development in C# much easier. –  Jefe Jun 18 '09 at 2:04
Very good point, to bad there isn't one big official PHP framework like ASP.NET.There a so many to choose from. codeigniter.com looks interesting. –  teh_noob Jun 18 '09 at 3:08

I'd say pick up any book on topic and start doing some stuff. That's the fastest way to learn anything.
I did it with this book.

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