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i need to add to an "Event" model some information about "sub-events". For example, the Event might be a Match and a sub-event can be a goal (I need to track the striker too, and the minute), substitution or other. How is the best method to implement this? I think that is not a good solution to create a new Model for a Goal, I want that all the informations stay inside the Match model.

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Maybe it can be done via "belongs to itself" association.

Look at this: Rails 3 - A model with a one to one relationship to itself - do I need belongs_to

The answer suggest using ancestry gem, or simple belongs_to association:

belongs_to :event, :foreign_key => "parent_event_id"

Also, in your model, you should add "event_type" column and put 'match', 'goal', or whatever you want here.

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In my opinion it IS good solution to create Goal model, that would belongs_to a Match and a Striker and would store the information when it has happened (the minute).

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