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I need to create a dynamic gridpanel in extjs. I use an actioncolumn for this:

handler: function(view, rowIndex, colIndex, item, e) 
    var tabs = Ext.getCmp('northPanel'); 
    var rec = view.getStore().getAt(rowIndex);

    modelFactory(rec.get('Reference'), rec.get('ResultFields'));

    console.log( rec.get('ResultFields'));
    console.log('start adding tab');
        title: 'Report: ' + rec.get('Reference'),
        closable: true,    
        dockedItems: [
            xtype: 'toolbar',
            dock: 'top',
            items: [ 
                xtype: 'tbfill'
                xtype: 'button',
                text: 'Export report'
                xtype: 'button',
                text: 'Refresh data'
        xtype: 'tabpanel',
        items: [
            xtype: 'gridpanel',
            title: 'Gridview',
            forceFit: true,
            store: ND.store,
            columns: [ ]

    console.log('tab created');

Now i need to create the columns for this grid. The columns i need to make are in the rec.get('ResultFields'). When i use the console.log i see this in the firebug:

[Object { name="currentSimAllocationByCcu", type="textfield", format=null}, Object { name="wanNumber", type="textfield", format=null}, Object { name="carrierName", type="textfield", format=null}, Object { name="dataPackageName", type="textfield", format=null}, Object { name="simIccid", type="textfield", format=null}, Object { name="expiryTime", type="textfield", format=null}, Object { name="bytesRx", type="textfield", format=null}, Object { name="bytesTx", type="textfield", format=null}]

How can i create columns with this?

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What seems to be a problem?

If you get information about columns before you create a grid - then create array or columns based on array of your fields. Something like this:

var _cols = [],
    _flds = rec.get('ResultFields');

Ext.Array.each(_flds, function(f) {
   _cols.push(Ext.create('Ext.grid.column.Column', {
      text: f.get('name'),
      dataIndex: f.get('name')

And then just use that _cols when creating grid.

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