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Just little half theoretical question. Is it possible to embed web page from URL into java applet?

Applet applet1 is on page1.html on server1 and I want to embed applet1 into page1.html on server1. And in applet1 would be page2.html on server2 embedded. If it is possible how to do it? I need to use applet for embedding page2.html instead of iframe because of mouse tracking over page2.html for example.

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I find your explanation very confusing. DYM that page1 loads the applet which in turn loads page2 (in the applet content pane)? Server 1 & 2 are on different domains? Do you control the content of page2? "because of mouse tracking over page2.html" What does that mean? Why are you trying to track the mouse? What is is about an iframe that interferes with that? Note that when you ask 2 questions & get 4+ questions back in a comment, it is a warning sign of a poorly expressed question. – Andrew Thompson Apr 11 '12 at 9:41

You can add html from site to panel of applet, but it will be not analog of iframe. This solution has problem with display html with css and another problems.

Maybe this will be helpful: link1 link2

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