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I have never worked with Siemens' SIMATIC industrial automation system, but I need to do following:

We have an industrial computer with Windows CE (for example an x86 Siemens TP700 comfort).

Is there a way to create a .NET application that would be able to work with SIMATIC ET200?

Or do I always need "SIMATIC NET" or Step7? I was told that SIMATIC NET does not work on Windows CE. Or can I use some OPC server that does not require SIMATIC NET?

Or is it impossible to use SIMATIC modules under Windows CE? It could be conclusion as well.

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Have you checked with your Siemens rep? I think that for something this specialized, they would be the best place to get an answer. – ctacke Apr 21 '13 at 17:09

Try to lauch \Windows\cgacutil.exe on your CE platform. If it is there, it will tell you the version of the '.Net compact' framework. If there is one installed, you can write applications targeting that particular version. The '.Net compact' is only a subset of the full .Net on desktops.

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