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Maven was designed mainly to support Java. I would like however, to store in maven repository some platform-dependent artifacts.

I have 2 classifiers for that purpose:

  • linux-x86
  • linux-x64

Is it possible to define a dependency in such a way that if linux-x64 artifact was not found, then Maven attempts to find linux-x86?


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You should take a deep look at the maven-nar-plugin – khmarbaise Apr 11 '12 at 12:29
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I'm afraid there's no way of doing this. In fact, it is really against Maven philosophy of being strict and straight about dependencies. Just imagine what compiler should do with such dependencies declaration? Should compile using linux-x86 artifact or linux-x64 artifact? I assume that the API/SPI of this modules is the same thing, but only you know that. Compiler needs specific classpath. And it is hard to say what does it mean in Maven that artifact cannot be found, because people can use different repositories and have different stuff in their local repos, so the build is not repeatable any more. Maven team currently assume as deprecated and advise against version ranges because of build unrepeatability and this is really "soft" thing compared to your idea.

My advice is to always release these two artifact (linux-x86 and linux-x64) and release also the artifacts that depend on them using this 2 classifiers. That's the Maven way.

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Thank you. It makes sense. – Lukasz Guminski Apr 11 '12 at 11:58

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