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I am new to using ImageMagick. I am using the latest imagick extension (3.1.0rc1) with PHP. However, the documentation for imagick seems to be somewhat sparse.

I want to create an ImagickPixel object with an alpha channel. The documentation states that these are some valid color values to pass to the constructor: "blue", "#0000ff", "rgb(0,0,255)", "cmyk(100,100,100,10)", etc.

I know that it is possible to retrive the alpha value of an ImagickPixel using getColorValue(imagick::COLOR_ALPHA);.

So, how can I set an rgb color with an alpha channel during initialization of the object by passing to the constructor?

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I found some documentation on the allowed formats:


The format you want is "#rrggbbaa", so half-transparent red is "#FF00007F".

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Looks like the way to do it is to just use rgba:

$myImagickPixel = new ImagickPixel("rgba(250,15,150,0)"); //Where the last digit is the alpha and 0 is transparent and 1 is fully opaque.
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Tried this, but it gives a pink background to the image instead of a transparent background. Also the svg to png conversion, some of the png details are lost. –  noobcode Dec 31 '12 at 5:16

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