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  1. I want to make whole background of web-page unclickable with some gray color behind
  2. To pop some yes/no decision dialog on front
  3. If yes is clicked then redirect to other page (same with no)

how to do that?

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Try googling "jQuery UI Dialog". There's plenty of tutorials on this.

Here's a similar Stack Overflow Question:

I'm not sure how to grey out the background (it might even happen automagically with jQuery UI) but to create a new dialog box you need to include the jQuery UI library in your HTML page, include the style sheet too then it's a case of selecting a DOM element and calling the jQuery "dialog" function on it. It would look something like this (note this is not working code):

<div id="dialog" title="my dialog">
    <p>Hello from the dialog</p>

        // set  dialog properties here

Here's a link to the jQuery dialog documentation:

And here's a quick jsFiddle showing a dialog:

I just checked and the jQuery UI modal dialog greys out the screen for you. I've altered my jsFiddle code for you to show you how to instantiate one.

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