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ASP.NET/C# 3.0

I have a method which has the following signature:

public static void SendEmail(string sFrom, string sSubject, string sBody, params string[] sAddresses)

I need to loop through a dataset checking the value of column2. If the value of column2 is True, the string value from column1 should be added to the sAddresses string[].

The only way I know of is to resize the string[] +1 with every iteration. This doesn't sound very efficient. Shirley there's a better way.

Thanks! Kevin

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BTW Who's Shirley? – Otávio Décio Jun 18 '09 at 1:49

Use a List<string> and add the items there. When you're done, call ToArray to get the string array back.

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By default I jump to Linq. It may not be the best, though:

string[] addresses = (from row in table.Rows
                      where ((bool)row[2])
                      select (string)row[1]).ToArray()
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