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I wonder if there is any easy way to keep the scheme consistent in two different MySQL clusters. Apart from classic replication, I would like to have a special "replication" which would reproduce all DDL queries (CREATE, ALTER, DROP, ...) on another cluster (namely the master of that cluster).

I don't need the actual data to be replicated.

Has anyone ever done or tried anything like this?

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You can filter replication in MySQL based upon the database in which a query was executed. That doesn't prevent you making changes in other databases, however! So you can do;

USE ddl_repl_db;

ALTER TABLE other_db.foo ADD COLUMN <etc>

This relies on you configuring your servers correctly. I haven't set up MySQL replication for a while, but IIRC you can both filter what you send out from the master for replication and what you accept on the slave.

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Wow! That's an interesting approach! Very hacky though. I wait a but hoping someone has something what's more straightforward and if none comes, I accept this. Thanks! –  gphilip Apr 14 '12 at 21:20

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