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I got a Problem with a spinning progressbar. I start the ProgressDialog within a AsyncTask its comming up, but it does not spin.

private class ProgressTask extends AsyncTask<Boolean, Void, Boolean> {

    protected void onPreExecute() {        , "", "Loading. Please wait...", true);

    protected Boolean doInBackground(Boolean... params) {
        return true;


Within the following method the AsyncTask is started.

    public void login(View view) {

    new ProgressTask().execute(true);
    startActivityForResult((new Intent().setClass(view.getContext(), PPAClientActivity.class)), 0);

I didnt got any idea what i am doin wrong. Thanks for help in advance.

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are you purposely doing nothing in doInBackground of your AsyncTask? and why are you launching a new activity right after initiating AsyncTask? shouldn't you wait till the task is complete? –  waqaslam Apr 11 '12 at 10:25

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try this way

 ProgressDialog dialog = new  ProgressDialog(YouractivityName.this);

protected void onPreExecute() {         


protected void onPostExecute() {   
 if (this.dialog.isShowing()) {
 startActivityForResult((new Intent().setClass(view.getContext(),PPAClientActivity.class)),0);
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+1 Exact solution!! –  Paresh Mayani Apr 11 '12 at 10:43

Try to keep the Intent line in the post execute method of AsycTask....

Then probably you won't face the problem...

Hope this is helpful

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