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I'm trying to build an application that will post data to Facebook Graph API without using the libcurl, The problem is this:

curl --silent --location
 -F "type=25"
 -F "action_spec={'action.type':'app_use', 'application':195713270451234}"

Now I know -F specifies HTTP POST var values but I have no clue how to send this format:

-F "action_spec={'action.type':'app_use', 'application':195713270451234}

If anyone could give me a clue about how to convert it to a simple HTTP POST request it'd be awesome. I will be glad to know if there's a way to send the whole curl request string as a request!

thanks a lot in advance !:)

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Golden rule:

  • treat key-value pair json objects as IDictionary<string, object> or IDictionary<string, dynamic> or anonymous objects.
  • treat json arrays as IList<object> or IList<dynamic>
  • treat others as json types as primitive objects as bool, string, long, double and so on.

Here is the sample code:

var actionSpec = new Dictionary<string,object>();
actionSpec["action.type"] = "app_use";
actionSpec["application"] = 195713270451234;

var fb = new FacebookClient("access_token");
dynamic result = fb.Post("act_12345678/adcreatives", new { type = 25, action_spec = actionSpec });
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I want to send the HTTP request by myself and don't reside on the Facebook SDK –  user1326293 Apr 11 '12 at 14:00

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