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I have installed python 32 package to the


I have also set the paths:

PYTHONPATH | C:\Python32\Lib;C:\Python32\DLLs;C:\Python32\Lib\lib-tk;

PATH ;C:\Python32;

I would like to use the "2to3" tool, but CMD does not recognize it.

CMD: c:\test\python> 2to3

Should i add an extra path for "2to3" or something?


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2to3 is actually a Python script found in the Tools/scripts folder of your Python install.

So you should run it like this:

python.exe C:\Python32\Tools\scripts\

See this for more details:

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It works. Thanks – John Apr 11 '12 at 11:56
Use the -w option to not only check what should change, but also write converted code: python.exe C:\Python32\Tools\scripts\ -w – RolfBly Mar 27 '14 at 10:24

You can set up to run as a command when you type 2to3 by creating a batch file in the same directory as your python.exe file (assuming that directory is already on your windows path - it doesn't have to be this directory it just is a convenient, relatively logical spot).

Lets assume you have python installed in C:\Python33. If you aren't sure where your python installation is, you can find out where Windows thinks it is by typing where python from the command line.

You should have python.exe in that directory and in C:\Python33\Tools\Scripts.

Create a batch file called 2to3.bat in C:\Python33 and put this line in the batch file

python %~dp0Tools\Scripts\ %*

The %~dp0 is the location of the batch file, in this case c:\Python33 and the %* passes all arguments from the command line to the script. After you've saved the .bat file, you should be able to type 2to3 from the command line and see

At least one file or directory argument required.
Use --help to show usage.

I have found this technique useful when installing from, because sometimes the setup script expects 2to3 to be available as a command.

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Apparently the directory mame "C" is "invalid syntax."

All the following variants are "invalid":

python c:\Python34\Tools\Scripts -w c:\python\
python c:\\Python34\\Tools\\Scripts -w c:\\python\\
python.exe C:\Python34\Tools\Scripts\ -w C:\python\
python.exe C:\\Python34\\Tools\\Scripts\\ -w C:\\python\\

Etc. When I put in quotation marks, the closing quote is "invalid syntax."

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So what is wrong with this post? someone does not like the formatting, or the fact that it points out the error of the "solution" posted above? – WombatBob Aug 19 at 11:43

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