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I'm attempting to install ace-jump-mode for emacs

I've installed it with M-x package-install, and calling M-x ace-jump-mode activates it and prompts for a letter, but upon entering a letter, I get the error:

Symbol's function definition is void: every

Running emacs -q (and then running (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/elpa") like I have in my .emacs file) allows me to load ace-jump-mode and it functions without an issue. Assuming thus that the error exists in my .emacs, I commented out everything in my .emacs, and reopened emacs regularly, but still get the error.

From some searching around, I think the issue is the code in ace-jump-mode.el

  (require 'cl))

is not working correctly when I don't use emacs -q. When I M-x load-library cl, everything works fine.

I imagine that since I can't find any references to this online, its not a common bug, so it must be an issue with my config. I know I could just load cl in my .emacs, but I don't see the need to load the entire package just for one function.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or, how to load only one function from cl?


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Emacs is self documenting, C-h f every will show you that this function is defined in cl-extra not cl, but loading cl autoloads it, so it does become available.

Some things with how cl is loaded may have changed with Emacs 24, which broke this library, I'm not certain. Like you found out, the easiest fix is to just

(require 'cl)

in your init file. This isn't as a big deal as you make it out. A lot of libraries you might use will do this anyway, so it's likely you're just changing the order things get loaded.

The alternative is to just submit a patch to the author of ace-jump-mode that avoids using every, which is more inconvenient.

Finally, if you ever got ace-jump-mode to work it was because you loaded the uncompiled ".el" file instead of the compiled ".elc" file, which would have run (require 'cl), meaning that both cl and cl-seq will have been loaded somewhere along the way. So there is no magic that can make this work without loading those files.

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You can also add (byte-compile-disable-warning 'cl-functions) to disable warnings when you byte compile your .emacs. – Daimrod Apr 11 '12 at 13:48

(eval-when-compile <foo>) means that <foo> is only executed when compiling the file (or when running it uncompiled). So if you compile your file, the resulting file won't load cl, which is a problem since every is only defined when cl is loaded. (eval-when-compile <foo>) is used to load macros (such as ignore-errors), since these are only needed during compilation, but every is not a macro, hence your problem.

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Is there an alternative to eval-when-compile that would make it work here? – Josh Apr 11 '12 at 15:18
@Josh: Yes, just don't put anything around the (require 'cl) – Stefan Apr 12 '12 at 15:50

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