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I have seen that strings can be concatenated in Access with &.

However, I cannot write the following query:

SELECT age, &names ==> this line does not work, how can I concatenate the strings? 
    FROM table GROUP BY age;

So that I get for example: "30; JohnWilliamPeter", all of them 30 years old.

Any way to do that?

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Do you mean:

 SELECT age & "; " & names
 FROM table 
 GROUP BY age & "; " & names

However, this seems like you are aiming at a solution that should be presentation, not SQL.

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I don't want to concatenate the age and the name, but a list of names. I just found on another thread that there is no way to do that without using a MS function:… That's bad! – meddi Apr 11 '12 at 12:30

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