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I have a directory named 'backup'

its contains following files (with some specific details)

No---File Name----------------------------------------------------------------Date--------------------Time-----------Size

1.  blog-backup_on_11-April-2012_at_08-22-18AM.zip  11-April-2012   08:22:18AM  5.28MB
2.  blog-backup_on_11-April-2012_at_08-25-24AM.zip  11-April-2012   08:25:25AM  5.28MB
3.  blog-backup_on_11-April-2012_at_08-25-46AM.zip  11-April-2012   08:25:47AM  5.28MB
4.  blog-backup_on_11-April-2012_at_08-26-07AM.zip  11-April-2012   08:26:08AM  5.28MB
5.  blog-backup_on_11-April-2012_at_08-27-52AM.zip  11-April-2012   08:27:53AM  5.28MB

I want to get oldest file from 'backup' directory
Like 'blog-backup_on_11-April-2012_at_08-22-18AM.zip' its the oldest file in directory.

I tried this link but unable to handle logic.

Please give some suggestion, how to get this file?

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See stackoverflow.com/questions/1785039/… –  André Apr 11 '12 at 11:59

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$dir = 'path/to/backup/';

foreach (glob($dir.'*.zip') as $filename) {
  $time = filemtime($dir . $filename);
  $files[$time] = $filename;

echo $files[0];
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done Mr. Jleagle. –  Frank Apr 11 '12 at 13:14

try this:

    $dir_path = 'c:/my_dir';
    if($handle = opendir($dir_path))

        while(false !== ($entry = readdir($handle)))
            $created = filemtime($dir_path . $entry);
            $myfiles[$created] = $entry;

        krsort($myfiles); //first element is oldest file

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done, n make sense –  Frank Apr 11 '12 at 13:13

I'm not sure why the previous answers are mentioning krsort(); as it actually makes the first element the newest file. Using

    echo reset($file_arr);

will echo the oldest file. The beginning code as already mentioned doesn't need to be changed.

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