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I need help for compiling and configuring boost libraries in netbeans 7.1.1 ,let me add to it that i did add the path where the boost zip folder is extracted in the compiler options but it didnt help me out and when i included

  #include <boost/thread.hpp>

while compiling it resulted an error as

  fatal error :no such file or directory

Just to add to it when i wrote:-

  #include <boost/thread.hpp>//does shows the options out of which thread.hpp is one

any help folks!!!

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boost::thread requires a compiled library in addition to the header file. (I am assuming you are using Windows and have the netbeans c++ plugin) To compile the library for netbeans, you need to use cygwin and follow the steps found on, using the toolset=gcc flag along with any other flags you need when calling b2 install. For each step, try --help before you run the command.

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