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I want to upload just 2 items. How can I limit maximum items on an multiple input file

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This might be helpful:… – Yan Berk Apr 11 '12 at 11:59
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You could run some jQuery client-side validation to check:

        var $fileUpload = $("input[type='file']");
        if (parseInt($fileUpload.get(0).files.length)>2){
         alert("You can only upload a maximum of 2 files");

But remember to check on the server side too as client-side validation can be bypassed quite easily.

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<strong>On change of the input track how many files are selected:</strong>

    $("#image").on("change", function() {
         if($("#image")[0].files.length > 2); {
                   alert("You can select only 2 images");
         } else {
<input name="image[]" id="image" type="file"  multiple="multiple" accept="image/jpg, image/jpeg" >
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Use two <input type=file> elements instead, without the multiple attribute.

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to check on server side using php I have already given an answer

so i am writing only the code part here

     //checking whether a single file uploaded or not
     //if enters here means no file uploaded
     //checking whether 11 files uploaded or not
     //so here you can restrict user from uploading more than 10 files
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You should also consider using libraries to do that: they allow limiting and much more:

They are also available at

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