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I think this is more a Mac networking configuration issue than anything else, but am not sure.

I have Subversion set up on my Windows Home Server machine (similar to this: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/RunningASubversionServerOffYourWindowsHomeServer.aspx). This setup has been working for me for months, using Windows clients.

Now I'm trying to add a Mac client, and it can't resolve the network name of my WHS server. If I open a terminal window on the mac, and attempt to ping or use nslookup, I get an error that it can't find the server. On the PC side, I can ping, but nslookup doesn't resolve the name, so I'm assuming that PC's ping is resolving the name as a NetBios name.

I've found a number of articles online that explain how to set up default suffixes based on Windows domains, but the Windows Home Server doesn't establish a domain by default. (It's in workgroup mode.)

Anyone have any suggestions or pointers?

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The quick and easy way to get this working would be to add an entry to your host file on the MAC. You can find the file in /etc/hosts

Edit the file and add an entry at the end as follows:

<ip address>  <hostname>

example: www.stackoverflow.com

That is the way that I would go, and they mention using the host file in the article you posted. More info on editing the hostfile of different machines can be found here:


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Excellent. I don't know why this didn't occur to me -- I use the hosts file all the time on my windows machines. While there may be a canonically more "proper" solution, this is just right for my needs. Thanks much. –  AndrewCr Jun 20 '09 at 7:08

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