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I had two working copies: of a trunk and of a branch:

  • trunk -> App 1.0
  • branches -> 1.2 -> App 1.0

I needed to rename App 1.0 to Application ("1.0" being an archaism from the days where versioning was done "manually" and SVN was underused to put it mildly; I'm trying to set it right now, although I haven't had much experience with source control).

I did TortoiseSVN -> Rename on my 1.2\App 1.0 and trunk\App 1.0 local disk folders (working copies), and I renamed the folders in the repository as well (via the Repo-browser).

And yet code file abc.cs in the 1.2 branch still "thinks" that its base is the old file: App 1.0/abc.cs.

Diff with previous version gives me an error ("Subversion reported an error: Unable to find repository location for 1.2\App 1.0\abc.cs in revision 604").

See the revision graph for this file:

enter image description here

(I edited out the actual name of the application for reasons easy to understand.)

Propagating trunk modifications by merging them into the branch is now a bit troublesome.

What's more, my collegue still has an App 1.0 working copy (hasn't comitted nor updated it yet), so I'm somewhat afraid that we're about to mess things up, and I'm not sure how to go on from here.

The question is: where did I do wrong, and how do I fix that (both for me as well as my collegue)?

I guess that renaming both folders independently was the mistake that broke history tracing (no direct connection between 637 and 639 on the picture now, while that's what I would need); I'm just not sure what I should have done instead, and neither how to fix it.

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The issue was caused by renaming both the working copy and the repo folder without communicating either change (as you thought).

As per the thread here, you could have renamed the repo folder, then updated the working copy, or used the command line interface.

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That makes sense! Thanks for your help. – Konrad Morawski Apr 16 '12 at 13:29

Try to check out a fresh working copy - it may be possible that everything is OK in the repository...

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