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This Question is related to my Question Combining “Gated Checkin” and “Continuious Integration” Builds in Team Foundation Server I Posted this Morning

Thanks to @pantelif I know that after a Gated Checkin Build build Continuous Integration Builds are prevented to be triggered as an (in mostly cases) expected behavior. The Team Foundation Server adds to the Check-In Comment the Keyword ***NO_CI*** to do that.

In the Question you find here there is discribed that someone accidentally turned off adding this Magic Phase.

What I want is triggering Continuous Integration Builds as an expected behavior. So I want to avoid that the Keyword to be put into my Comment.

What I do not know, is how to do it. I searched the Web for a while after my initial Question mentioned above was answereed but found no real clue.

I grateful for any help.

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You can disable ***NO_CI*** comment by setting the NoCIOption property of the SyncWorkspace workflow activity to false. A similar question and answer can be found here.

You can either follow this blog post to implement a parameter for your build definition, or you can directly set this property to 'false' in your Gated CheckIn build template.

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yes...exactely that was the Solution :-) - Great help, thanks –  sebastianmehler Apr 12 '12 at 6:49
Note, this doesn't work in TFS 2013 RTM or update 1, but works again in update 2. See david.gardiner.net.au/2014/07/… –  Jeff Youngstrom Oct 17 '14 at 19:22

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