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Rather than go back through my libraries and adding a "debug" flag parameter, I thought that once a debug flag (0/1) was read on the command line of my application, a ref could be set once and then accessed by any function that needed to do something if the debug flag is set.

Is that a reasonable way to handle parameter-less debugging, or is my thinking too much like having a "forbidden" global variable?


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A global for this sort of thing is fine, although using a ref to store it isn't really appropriate because then you'd need to do all your logging in a transaction (ie. within a (dosync)).

Since you are unlikely to really care about race conditions on your 'logging-enabled' it doesn't need special protection. You'd mark this variable with ear-muffs to signal it has special meaning....

Something like this would be fine:

(def ^{:dynamic true} *debug-enabled* false)
(def ^{:dynamic true} *info-enabled* false)

(defn- log [level s]
  (println (apply str (cons (str "[" level "] ") s))))

(defn debug [ & s ]
  (when *debug-enabled*
    (log "DEBUG" s)))

(defn info [ & s ]
  (when *info-enabled*
    (log "INFO" s)))

Note that by defining the *debug-enabled* flag dynamic you can switch on debug for just parts of your code. In this example, imagine that all the functions used the (debug) functions mentioned above. You have *debug-enabled* set to false, but you'd like to turn it on just for (my-problematic-func). You can re-bind the flag just for that call like this:

(myfunc a b c)
(my-other-func d e f)
(binding [*debug-enabled* true] ; switch on debug for my-problematic-func
   (my-problematic-func g h i))
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As of Clojure 1.3, you can replace ^{:dynamic true} with just ^:dynamic. Also, whether you care about races or not is irrelevant here because this code is thread-safe. Yes, it's not that easy to write unsafe code in Clojure! –  Marko Topolnik Apr 11 '12 at 13:57

I would suggest you to avoid repeating (when *debug* ...) all over your code. This is the primary target for a macro. Write a macro that does that check, so you can use it something like (debug ...stuff...). OK, it's not much shorter, but it decouples your code from the specifics of checking for the debug flag. Better, it offers you a chance to write code which completely eliminates the runtime check of the debug flag and only does it at compile time.

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Your usage of this flag is along the lines of application configuration, which is fine. Go forth!

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