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I want to port multiple project MSVS solution to Qt Creator. I created the pro files of projects and add to Qt Creator but when I build projects I alwasy get the same error shown below. By the way I am using Qt 4.6.3 (VS 2008). What may cause this? enter image description here

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It's difficult to say what the problem is frmo the jom.exe output.

  • It might be that the command it's trying to execute on the console is too long (MS reference).

  • A similar problem was reported here, although is not clear if it was solved.

I suggest you upgrade to a more recent version of Qt and try again (sorry).

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You could change your make step from jom to nmake (found in the projects window) to see if it gives you a more detailed error.

It also seems that you do not have any source code files in your project, just your library's header files.

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