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I have created Bundles and they share some Common code. (File Upload Class, Gmailer Class) Now I want to create a separate file within my Bundles or Anywhere, where i can put this common code and then I want to create objects of its classes inside all my bundles.

Here is my folder structure


Now when I tried to auto load it like this


'Twig_Extensions_' => __DIR__.'/../vendor/twig-extensions/lib',
'Twig_'            => __DIR__.'/../vendor/twig/lib',
'Uploader_'        => __DIR__.'/../../src/College/StudentBundle/OtherApplications',

But when i try to create an object in my controller it gives an error. I didnt use or include anything inside my controller. How could i create objects of the classes that i separated in another file.

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What error do you get? – Vladislav Rastrusny Apr 11 '12 at 13:10
@FractalizeR :- Class not found in <b>/opt/lampp/htdocs/college/src/College/StudentBundle/Controller/StudentControl‌​ler.php – ScoRpion Apr 11 '12 at 13:39

First of all, third-part libraries, even if they are specifically related to your bundle, should not be inside the bundle structure.

The recommended way to handle your non-bundle common code is to treat it as external libraries, and manage them with composer.json.

About the Bundle structure, maybe this question can help you get in the right path.

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