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Does anyone know the correct definition for a "sliding window" in WPF? What I have in mind is like the "Pending Changes" or "Call Stack" window in Visual Studio - where you click it and it slides up, and then you move your mouse away and it slides down again.

I am happy to spend some time researching how to do this, I just don't know where to start because I'm not sure what exactly this feature is called.

Any comments appreciated.


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It is mostly called 'Auto Hide' feature for the window.

There is a very good example on CodeProject: WPF Docking Library
Also have a look on AvalonDock.

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use avalon docking lib; seems like the best one out there so far. I have also used Telerik docking, it's getting better, but you gotta pay $$$ for telerik –  denis morozov Apr 11 '12 at 15:56

Is this Avalon Dock you are talking about?

If it is look at the circled area in image and this link will help you http://avalondock.codeplex.com

Look at the circled area

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