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Hi Just trying to get into phonegap and jquery mobile (very new to both!).

I have a small app intended for image uploads. But I have a problem - I wish to post some form data (user login) via ajax I have achieved this but it only works once (at the mo it outputs an alert(data)).

I have it using the 'live' and standard document ready.


        <div data-role="page" id="home" data-theme="a"> 
              <div data-role="header" data position="fixed" data-theme="a"> <h1>Login</h1> </div>
                    <div data-role="content">
                    <p>This is the Creative Tree Image upload app. The app allows you to: <ul><li> Upload images to your project on the site.</li><li> You and all have access to uploaded images instantly.</li></ul></p>
                    <form name="login" id="userlogin" action="login.php" method="post">
                    Email: <input type="text" id="email" name="email">
                    Password: <input type="password" id="password" name="password">

                    <a href="#" data-role="button"  class="check-login">Login to Account</a>
                    <a href="#projects" data-role="button"  class="upload-page">Welcome! Click to view projects</a>
                    <div id="error">Sorry Error logging in</div>
           <div data-role="footer" id="footer" data position="fixed"> <h1>Creative Tree</h1> <p>Designed and Developed <br>by Chris Sherwood 2012 <br> for more information <br>check out the full site or my portfolio <br>for more details <br><br><a href="">Full site</a><a href="">Portfolio site</a></p></div>


    $(document).bind('deviceready', function(){    
                             //sets up stuff to show + hide for login sucess
                             var email = $("#email").val();
                             var password = $("#password").val();
                             var imagedisplay = $('#image');
                             var output = $('#output');
                             var uploadcontent = $('#upload');
                             var logincontent = $('#login');

                             if(email =="" || password ==""){


                             $('.log-out').click(function () {



                            //the function fire once to allow user to login but only once 
                             $('.check-login').live('click', function() {
                                        var email = $("#email").val();
                                        var password = $("#password").val();
                                        if(email !="" || password !=""){
                                        var datastring = "useremail=" + email + "&userpassword=" + password;          

                                                              type: "POST",
                                                              url: '',
                                                              data: datastring,
                                                              success: function(data){

                                                              alert('Please fill in all fields');
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I'm not fully confident on this, but if you use document.ready and you're using jQm...jQm stores pages in the DOM and reloads them from cache memory. This means that document.ready only gets fired once. You want to do the binding on pagebeforeshow instead, I think. – Malovich Apr 11 '12 at 14:26
cheers will try it – ChrisSherwood Apr 11 '12 at 14:54

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