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I have a project set up with several individual Sconstruct files and one toplevel SConstruct file.

project/SConstruct -- toplevel SConstruct file
project/binary1/SConstruct -- lower level SConstructs

I want to be able to call the individual SConstruct files with options. So each SConstruct can be called like this:

scons install --prefix=/usr/local/bin

and they have a section for that option in the SConstruct file:

          help='installation prefix')

Also, in the toplevel SConstruct file, I would like to be able to call all of the lower level SConstruct files, so I added this to the toplevel SConstruct:


However, if I try to do this, I will get an OptionConflictError on binary2/SConstruct because the --prefix option is already defined (in binary1/SConstruct):

OptionConflictError: option --prefix: conflicting option string(s): --prefix:

Is there a way to get around this OptionConflictError?

I know I can surround the call to AddOption() with a try block, but are there better ways? Can I add a conflict_handler? Can I check if the --prefix option already exists?

Can I organize things better? I need the individual SConstruct files unfortunately, so I can't reorganize too much.

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I think it would be better to do this by defining SConscript files in the sub-directories: binary1, binary2, and binary3.

I answered a similar question recently and proposed how to organize the SConsctruct and SConscript files, I think that answer would help you:

Real Hierarchical Builds with SCons?

This way you could define the --prefix option in the SConstruct files, and from the root SConstruct file, call the subdirectory SConscript files, thus avoiding the afore-mentioned error.

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I am not really having a problem with hierarchical builds, I can get things to build when I remove the AddOption() calls. I think the problem is that AddOption() isn't restricted to a specific environment, so each SConscript file is trying to add the same options causing the OptionConflictError. However, the post you linked definitely had some good information. Thank you! – Kevin S Apr 13 '12 at 3:35
Ya, I think if you organize your SConstruct and SConscript scripts like the post I referenced, then that should fix your problems. You're right about AddOption(), its a global call, not one that can be called on a specific env. Many SCons funcions can either be called globally, or on a specific env, and it makes sense that AddOption() should be global. – Brady Apr 13 '12 at 8:07

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