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Here is my work on gradient descend algorithm

using namespace std;
double f_prime(double x)

    return (double)(4.0*powf(x,3)-9.0*powf(x,2));

void gradient()
    double x_old=0;
    double x_new=6;
    double eps=0.01;
    double precision=0.00001;


    cout<<" local minimum at : "<<x_new<<endl;

int main()


        return 0;

The above code gives me warnings of a non correct conversion from double to float, possible loss of data, so as a result it gives me some undefined values like -1.IND. Can anyone explain why this is?

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abs is defined only for int and long types. For floating point numbers use fabs.

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Change powf to pow although I'm not sure that will solve your problem.

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i have found bug,instead of -,i had + so it was problem,thanks – dato datuashvili Apr 11 '12 at 13:57

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