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I've an Asp.Net MVC 3 website, which will be localized.

I've several resx files which contains my texts, and I've in my views some


But I can't make it represent the new line.

I tried:

  • Shift+enter: I've got the new line in the resource file, but not in my browser
  • \r\n : I see the \r\n in my browser
  • \n : Same
  • <br/> : I see the <br/> in my text

So what should I do to have a new line?

Edit: I know that I could use Html.Raw, but I just can't ask to translators to put html code in their translation.

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To be honest, I know it's not the nicest thing in the world, but it's fool-proof and it means your translators don't have to put any code in their translations:

Building upon the answers already given, why don't you just use Html.Raw, but before doing so, replacing the \r\n that using Shift+Enter in the resource file results in, with a <br />

So say for example you had the string named Welcome in the resource file ApplicationMessage, you could do:

@Html.Raw(ApplicationMessage.Welcome.Replace("\r\n", "<br />")

That will give you what you need. Here's a similar question:

HTMLencode HTMLdecode

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Hum, maybe I will do an helper for that, no? –  J4N Apr 11 '12 at 17:49
Yeah good idea :) –  mattytommo Apr 11 '12 at 18:14
Did it work? :) –  mattytommo Apr 16 '12 at 21:34

You can put the <br /> for the line breaks and use the @Html.Raw() method to show the string with the line break instead of the <br /> string.

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You should probably use <br /> and render the output with Html.Raw()

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Yeah, thanks to mattytommo.

You can use

First line <br /> second line

in resource, or

resource.Replace("\r\n", "<br />")

in code and Shift + Enter in resource editor.

Both works fine, but you have to use

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