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I'm using git svn to access an svn repository. The svn repository was recently re-organised, with the trunk and a branch being swapped around i.e. trunk was moved to branches/old-trunk, and branches/foobar was moved to trunk.

Running svn co http://path/to/svn/trunk works fine on the new trunk, and I can add, update, and commit files without any problems.

However, when I do git svn clone http://path/to/svn --stdlayout I get the following error:

HTTP Path Not Found: The path was not part of a repository: PROPFIND request failed on '/': '/' path not found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Git/libexec/git-core\git-svn line 2299

Does anyone know how to get git svn working again?

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It turns out the issue was being caused by accessing the svn repo from behind a proxy.

As well as my machine-wide proxy settings, I'd also got a http-proxy-host set in my ~/.subversion/servers file under the [global] section, and the two settings seemed to be getting in each others way.

I commented out the http-proxy-host settings and was able to run git svn clone without any further issues.

TL;DR user error

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