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I'm loading edited objects from the server with RestKit (0.10.0) and Core Data in the backend with the following method. The method as part of a sync process is called whenever the app enters the foreground.

[syncObjectManager loadObjectsAtResourcePath:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"?config=accounts&since=%@", lastSync] usingBlock:^(RKObjectLoader *loader) {
    [loader.mappingProvider setObjectMapping:companyMappingSync forKeyPath:@"data"];
    loader.backgroundPolicy = RKRequestBackgroundPolicyContinue;
    loader.delegate = self;

The response is loaded normal and the cache seemed to be found as well.

2012-04-11 15:58:32.147 mobileCRM[3575:707] T restkit.support:RKCache.m:82 Found cachePath '/var/mobile/Applications/C5E4BF4F-4CB0-4F4C-AC11-FC1E17AE4AF2/Library/Caches/RKClientRequestCache-www.URLTOSERVER.de/PermanentStore/37abc4aff62918578288d10530e6bcd6' for PermanentStore/37abc4aff62918578288d10530e6bcd6
2012-04-11 15:58:32.152 mobileCRM[3575:707] T restkit.support:RKCache.m:119 Wrote cached data to path '/var/mobile/Applications/C5E4BF4F-4CB0-4F4C-AC11-FC1E17AE4AF2/Library/Caches/RKClientRequestCache-www.URLTOSERVER.de/PermanentStore/37abc4aff62918578288d10530e6bcd6'
2012-04-11 15:58:32.158 mobileCRM[3575:707] T restkit.support:RKCache.m:100 Writing dictionary to cache key: 'PermanentStore/37abc4aff62918578288d10530e6bcd6.headers'
2012-04-11 15:58:32.159 mobileCRM[3575:707] T restkit.support:RKCache.m:82 Found cachePath '/var/mobile/Applications/C5E4BF4F-4CB0-4F4C-AC11-FC1E17AE4AF2/Library/Caches/RKClientRequestCache-www.URLTOSERVER.de/PermanentStore/37abc4aff62918578288d10530e6bcd6.headers' for PermanentStore/37abc4aff62918578288d10530e6bcd6.headers
2012-04-11 15:58:32.166 mobileCRM[3575:707] T restkit.support:RKCache.m:103 Wrote cached dictionary to cacheKey 'PermanentStore/37abc4aff62918578288d10530e6bcd6.headers'

When testing a change in the attribute "street" the changes are mapped well as well.

2012-04-11 15:58:33.013 mobileCRM[3575:1a03] T restkit.object_mapping:RKObjectMappingOperation.m:332 Mapped attribute value from keyPath 'street' to 'street'. Value: Musterweg 55

After finishing the operation I'm calling a new fetchRequest and reloading the belonging table view.


Somehow the changed object isn't saved in the backend (even with Core Data shows the COMMIT message) after the first call.

2012-04-11 16:05:44.235 mobileCRM[3603:351f] I restkit.core_data:RKInMemoryEntityCache.m:131 Caching all 2861 Company objectsIDs to thread local storage
2012-04-11 16:05:44.354 mobileCRM[3603:351f] CoreData: sql: BEGIN EXCLUSIVE
2012-04-11 16:05:44.357 mobileCRM[3603:351f] CoreData: sql: UPDATE ZCOMPANY SET ZSTREET = ?, Z_OPT = ?  WHERE Z_PK = ? AND Z_OPT = ?
2012-04-11 16:05:44.361 mobileCRM[3603:351f] CoreData: sql: COMMIT

But when I'm opening the app a second time to call the method again, the refreshed data is shown like expected. So I'm struggling to get the method working on the first call.

Thanks for your ideas!

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After checking the output with

// App Delegate
RKLogConfigureByName("RestKit/*", RKLogLevelTrace);

// Scheme
-com.apple.CoreData.SQLDebug 1

I've realized that I reload the data before the commit of the data in Core Data is finished.

So resolve the problem by using the following method even when I'm using the RKRequestQueue.

- (void)objectLoaderDidFinishLoading:(RKObjectLoader *)objectLoader
    // Send notification to tableView
    [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:@"refreshTableView" object:self];

... and it works. :)

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In accordance with the question/answer scheme you should post your solution as an answer and accept it. This helps other users to see this is a solved question and to find the answer. –  user714965 Apr 12 '12 at 10:23
Will remember it for the next time, thanks! –  flashfabrixx Apr 12 '12 at 13:39

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