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This script works well unless you put two URLS in that do not have meta tags, then they render in html all wrong.

How can I use the else statement in it so it will stop?

If you want to test it go here: http://php-playground.co.cc/testdir/metaex.php

<form method="get" action=<?php echo "'".$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']."'";?> >
<p>URL of Competitor:</p> 
<textarea name="siteurl" rows="10" cols="50">
<?php //Check if the form has already been submitted and if this is the case, display the     submitted content. If not, display 'http://'.
echo (isset($_GET['siteurl']))?htmlspecialchars($_GET['siteurl']):"http://";?>
<input type="submit" value="Submit">
<div id="nofloat"></div>
function parseUrl($url){
    //Trim whitespace of the url to ensure proper checking.
    $url = trim($url);
    //Check if a protocol is specified at the beginning of the url. If it's not,    prepend 'http://'.
    if (!preg_match("~^(?:f|ht)tps?://~i", $url)) {
            $url = "http://" . $url;
    //Check if '/' is present at the end of the url. If not, append '/'.
    if (substr($url, -1)!=="/"){
            $url .= "/";
    //Return the processed url.
    return $url;
//If the form was submitted
    //Put every new line as a new entry in the array
    $urls = explode("\n",trim($_GET["siteurl"]));
    //Iterate through urls
    foreach ($urls as $url) {
            //Parse the url to add 'http://' at the beginning or '/' at the end if not   already there, to avoid errors with the get_meta_tags function
            $url = parseUrl($url);
            //Get the meta data for each url
            $tags = get_meta_tags($url);
            //Check to see if the description tag was present and adjust output   accordingly
            echo (isset($tags['description']))?"<tr><td>Description($url)</td>  <td>".$tags['description']:"Description($url)</td><td>No Meta Description</td></tr>.";

Thanks very much!

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The part I need help with is echo'ing the table :) – RuFFCuT Apr 11 '12 at 14:14
I've edited my answer. – jbrtrnd Apr 11 '12 at 14:24
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multiple ways to do this; why don't you use simpler way to do this

$tags = NULL;
$tags = get_meta_tags($url);
echo "<tr><td>Description($url)</td><td>" .$tags['description']. "</td></tr>";
echo "<tr><td>Description($url)</td<td>No Meta Description</td></tr>";

or if you want to stick with your code try this, need to have staring and ending tags for both true and false;

echo (isset($tags['description'])) ? '<tr><td>Description($url)</td><td>' . $tags['description'] . '</td></tr>' : '<tr><td>Description($url)</td><td>No Meta Description</td></tr>';
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First, remove the last dot . in the line :

echo (isset($tags['description']))?"<tr><td>Description($url)</td> <td>".$tags['description']:"Description($url)</td><td>No Meta Description</td></tr>.";

I haven't seen this but you have one more error in this line :
Replace ".$tags['description']:" by ".$tags['description'].":

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