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I am looking to get the calculated result value from the Telerik Expression control. There is a very useful link http://stackoverflow.com/a/5858922/1181910, but i am unable to understand one point in this post. My scenario is the same as mentioned in the above post, but my question is what is the 'input' variable here? Below is the code from the post (Explained very well by Jon Skeet):

var typeSafe = (Expression<Func<Finance, decimal?>>) ExpressionEditor.Expression;
var compiled = typeSafe.Compile();
var result = compiled(input);

Here ExpressionEditor.Expression will be a LINQ Expression from the Telerik control. I am not sure what should be given for input?

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The type for ExpressionEditor.Expression is Expression<Func<Finance, decimal?>>. So the input type is Finance and the output type is decimal?.

The variable input must be of type Finance. Where it comes from depends on your app, but it must be initialized/set before you use it.

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This was simple but I don't know how I stumbled upon this! Thanks. –  stech Apr 15 '12 at 7:34
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