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I have a weird issue. We are running Rails 3.2.2, Nginx, and Unicorn. If we make a text change to index.html.erb for example then deploy the change doesn't show.

If I look at the file on the production server I can see the change is in fact sitting in the 'current' directory. So I know its been released correctly.

Its as if Unicorn isn't updating itself or restarting correctly ( even though I'm restarting upon deploy).

Even weirder - I changed the apps email smtp settings. After deploying I get SMTP 535 bad username/password. However, if I refresh like 3 times it works. Again - could this be some sort of nginx/unicorn worker caching old code?

I have to deploy this project today so am under some pressure to figure this out. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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Please add the contents of your Unicorn configuration (generally config/unicorn.rb) – Ezekiel Templin Apr 11 '12 at 16:36
Did you ever figure this problem out? I have a similar setup, Rails 3.2.9/nginx/unicorn, and changes to my erb templates don't show when I deploy. Let us know if you made any progress! – DelPiero Feb 4 '13 at 19:52

There are a number of different variables involved. Depending on how you've configured Unicorn, you may need to send unicorn master a USR2 signal signal to spin up a new master process, followed by a QUIT signal to the old unicorn master to reap it.

Depending on the production server environment and deployment mechnaism, you may be able to leverage a tool like foreman to make managing your unicorns a bit easier when deploying.

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