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I'm using ::RunAppModalLoopForWindow(WindowPtr) to run a carbon window as modal. But at some point I need to show/hide all application's windows with:

NSArray* windowNumbers = [NSWindow windowNumbersWithOptions:0];

for (NSNumber* windowNumber in windowNumbers)
    NSWindow* window = [[NSApplication sharedApplication] windowWithWindowNumber:[windowNumber integerValue]];

        [window setAlphaValue:CGFloat(showFlag)];

But window is NSCarbonWindow* that does not respond to setAlphaValue, and thus, the window is not changing its visibility.

Also, I don't know where NSCarbonWindow is defined so I can cast from NSWindow to NSCarbonWindow.

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How about:

if ([window respondsToSelector: @selector(setAlphaValue:)])
    [window setAlphaValue:CGFloat(showFlag)];
else if (showFlag)
    ShowWindow( [window windowRef] );
    HideWindow( [window windowRef] );
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