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on my demo I have a step by step form, I need to fix the breadcrumb navigation withing the active class

it's all working fine, but the active on the menu doesn't seems to be working . could you give a quick look for me please?

(function () {
    var prevLink = '<input class="button cancel" type="button" value="cancel">';
    var nextLink = '<input class="button continue" type="button" value="Continue">';
    var navHTML = '<div class="prev-next">' + prevLink + nextLink + '</div>';
    var FormData = [];

    $(function() {
        // init
        $('#stepbystep > fieldset').hide().append(navHTML);
        $('#first-step .cancel').remove();
        $('#last-step .continue').remove();

        // show first step

        $('input.continue').click(function() {
            var whichStep = $(this).parent().parent().attr('id');
            $('.breadcrumb a').addClass('active');

            if (whichStep == 'first-step') { }
            else if (whichStep == 'second-step') { }
            else if (whichStep == 'third-step') { }
            else if (whichStep == 'fourth-step') { }
            else if (whichStep == 'last-step') { }

            $('.breadcrumb a').removeClass('active');

        $('input.cancel').click(function() {

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I Believe your problem is the Postback. Try save the variable in a hidden input so you can in the load refresh the class – Michel Ayres Apr 11 '12 at 15:10
not sure what do you mean – DD77 Apr 11 '12 at 15:15
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Add this below function in your code,


    function updateBreadCrumb (whichStep, isCancel) {
       var bc = 1;
       if (isCancel) bc = -1;
       $('.breadcrumb a').removeClass('active');

       if (whichStep == 'second-step') {
           bc += 1;
        } else if (whichStep == 'third-step') {
           bc += 2;
        } else if (whichStep == 'fourth-step') {
           bc += 3;
        } else if (whichStep == 'last-step') {
           bc += 4;
        $('.breadcrumb a:eq('+bc+')').addClass('active');

And then call them accordingly as below,

   //Inside Continue click
   updateBreadCrumb ( whichStep, false);

   //Inside Cancel click
   updateBreadCrumb ( whichStep, true);
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The reason it's not working is because the code is this:

$('.breadcrumb a').addClass('active');
// other stuff
$('.breadcrumb a').removeClass('active');

So every time you click the Continue button, you make every link in the breadcrumb active and then almost immediately (that is, within the same function) make them all not active. If you step through a debugger you can see their styles change and then change back.

If you want to make a specific element active then you're going to have to identify that specific element in some way. Essentially, you'd want to start the function with this:

$('.breadcrumb a').removeClass('active');

That way you "de-activate" whichever one is active (since you don't care which one was active, so just hit all of them). Then you'll need to identify the specific element on which you want to add the active class. That might be a little trickier.

Maybe give each one an id so you can reference them directly? Or, since you seem to already have a concept of "first step" and "second step" and so on, you can reference them with something like this:

$('.breadcrumb a').eq(2).addClass('active');

This would reference the third element in the matched elements (index 2), so it would be applicable on "step three."

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+1 for use of eq – SSH This Apr 11 '12 at 15:16
omg I am so sleep that I miss that =X +1 – Michel Ayres Apr 11 '12 at 15:17
where does this goes? – DD77 Apr 11 '12 at 15:20
@DD77: I imagine your function would start by removing the classes (currently it starts by adding the classes), then you'd add the class to the appropriate element in your if/else if/else if/etc. construct where you determine the current step of the process. – David Apr 11 '12 at 15:22

It looks like you are targeting all of the breadcrumb links:

   $('.breadcrumb a').addClass('active');

You probably want to give the links an id and then add the class in the if statement.

   var whichStep = $(this).parent().parent().attr('id');
   // remove active from all links then add back the to the step you are on    
   $('.breadcrumb a').removeClass('active');

   if (whichStep == 'first-step') { 
     $('.breadcrumb #stepOne').addClass('active');
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