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I am working on a program in which I would like to click on a button and have a popup window appear in the middle of the screen displaying a random image. Then upon clicking the popup window it closes the popup.

my question is this possible? if so how?

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Yes, it is possible. For further help you would need to find a more specific question. –  Shaded Apr 11 '12 at 15:15

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yes you cant. for that you would need to create a Custom Alert dialog which inflates a layout with an imageview in it and call it on clicking the desired object. also you will need to set an onlick listener by adding a close button to the AlertDialog to close it.

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thanks! I'll give this a shot! –  bribrem Apr 11 '12 at 15:43
sure. if it works, please up vote and accept answer to close the thread. and if it doesn't, keep asking. –  Anurag Ramdasan Apr 11 '12 at 15:46
i have now successfully gotten... very confused... and an app that crashes when i try to open it... –  bribrem Apr 13 '12 at 5:18
can you put the logcat for the crash here? –  Anurag Ramdasan Apr 13 '12 at 10:16

Yes, you could use something like this:

Dialog confirmDeleteDialog = new Dialog(this);
//This allows dialog to be closed with back button
//DisplayMetrics will get the screen dimensions and allow you to 
//declare a center point
DiaplayMetrics displaymetrics = new DisplayMetrics();
int screenHeight = displaymetrics.heightPixels; //Divide by 2 to get mid
int screenWidth = displaymetrics.widthPixels; //Divide by 2 to get mid

Button closeButton = (Button) confirmDeleteDialog.findViewById(R.id.close_button);

custom_message_dialog.xml - could look something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"



The ClickListener

public void onClick(View v) {
if(v == closeButton){
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