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What I did:

  1. renamed a file
  2. tried to commit
  3. cvs fails with error message

    file should be removed and is still there (or back again)

What is the problem and how do I solve it so that I can commit?

Additional information:

  • I'm using Eclipse with the CVS plugin.
  • doing an ls in the directory where the file was shows that it is not there

All the other Google hits for this problem (including this question) seem to be asking what to do when a file has been removed with cvs, and then restored outside of cvs' scope. My problem is different: I just need to rename a file.

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It means that the file was flagged for deletion by CVS but then appeared again. Renaming for CVS is just a deletion of the file with old name and adding the file with new name. The file must be appeared again with its old name.

You can do 2 things:

1) If you don't need this file then just delete it. (Use cvs -n update command to find its name.) Then you will be able to commit.

1) if you need this file to stay, go to the .CVS subfolder of the folder where the file is located and edit Entries file. Find a line with your file and delete it. Then rename you file (give it a temporary name), call cvs update, rename your file back overriding the new one appeared after cvs update.

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