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I have an EditText that I'm using as the footer View for my ListView. I'm attempting to access the focus / lose focus events, but for some reason, it's firing multiple times per focus. What is going on here?

// in onCreate

// ...

// the footer
View v = getLayoutInflater().inflate( R.layout.comment_edittext, null );

EditText commentEditText = (EditText)v.findViewById( R.id.comment_edittext );
commentEditText.setOnFocusChangeListener( new OnFocusChangeListener() {

    public void onFocusChange( View v, boolean hasFocus )
        U.log("View: " + v.getClass().getName().toString() );

        if( hasFocus )
            U.log( "Clicked" );
            U.log( "Un Clicked" );
} );

// add the footer
commentListView.addFooterView( v );

// ...

The output, of a single touch, which brings up the keyboard is:

04-11 10:22:17.449: E/004 - X(4576): View: android.widget.EditText
04-11 10:22:17.459: E/004 - X(4576): Clicked
04-11 10:22:17.569: E/004 - X(4576): View: android.widget.EditText
04-11 10:22:17.569: E/004 - X(4576): Un Clicked
04-11 10:22:17.569: E/004 - X(4576): View: android.widget.EditText
04-11 10:22:17.569: E/004 - X(4576): Clicked
04-11 10:22:17.689: E/004 - X(4576): View: android.widget.EditText
04-11 10:22:17.689: E/004 - X(4576): Un Clicked
04-11 10:22:17.709: E/004 - X(4576): View: android.widget.EditText
04-11 10:22:17.709: E/004 - X(4576): Clicked

I can kind of understand it calling multiple events with hasFocus set to true, but why then are there also falses, triggering the Un Clicked log?

EDIT: Furthermore, whenever I scroll the ListView up and down, moving the EditText in and out of view, it's calling these events as well. Am I using the wrong listener type perhaps?

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my guess is your onCreate method is called several times. –  njzk2 Apr 11 '12 at 17:06

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From personal experience, EditTexts inside ListViews are a bane. Because of the way views are recycled and rendered, the focus behaves strangely. I recommend approaching the problem some other way. Actually, if it's a comment text box, wouldn't it be better if it was always visible?

Sample layout:

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My initial attempt was to just place it after the ListView in my layout's XML file. It wouldn't render however, so I figured it had something to do with the ListView's downward expansion. If there is a way to do that, I'd be open to it. –  Josh Apr 11 '12 at 15:43
Added the layout I use for exactly the same purpose. –  dmon Apr 11 '12 at 15:45

Use a GridView instead and give a numColumns of 1. If you don't like how that reads in your java classes, store them as an AbsListView (and just keep them as a GridView in your xml).

ListView is buggy with EditTexts, GridViews lack those problems.

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