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My first adventure into Mongo. Please save me some time by answering the following. This is the schema.

"_id" : 1,
  "FullName" : "Full Name",
  "Email" : "email@email.com",
  "FacebookId" : NumberLong(0),
  "LastModified" : ISODate("2012-04-11T09:26:10.955Z"),
  "Connections" : [{
      "_id" : 7,
      "FullName" : "Fuller name",
      "Email" : "connections@email.com",
      "FacebookId" : NumberLong(0),
      "LastModified" : ISODate("0001-01-01T00:00:00Z")


Given an id of a single top user, i'd like to return all of the Emails in the Connections array, and preferably, just the emails. What's the querystring? Much obliged!

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You can't get only values from the sub-objects in MongoDB.

If you do a query like this:

db.test.find({"_id": 1}, {"Connections.Email":1});

you will get this kind of response:

  "_id": 1, 
  "Connections" : [ {"Email":"connections@email.com"}, 
                    {"Email":"foo@example.com"} ] 

This is the closest you can get with a simple query and field selection from MongoDB.

You can then filter out the e-mails values in your code with a simple foreach.

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ok, thanks christian! –  Martin Apr 11 '12 at 20:24

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