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I wrote C# libraries and I want to use libraries Objects through an Excel User Interface.

The User could select a Range and some buttons would run methods with selected range as input.

In Visual Studio, I've seen that I am able to write a C# Excel Add-In: is it the good way to do it ? Is there a better way ? Maybe create a C# Excel Template and write code in it ?

Any good tutorial / sample ?

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Speaking about Visual Studio, what about Create an Application-Level Add-In to Automate Common Office Tasks (MSDN) by Robert Green and How to Create a Toolbar for an Excel Add-In? – fuex Apr 11 '12 at 16:19
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If you just want to provide some additional functionality over and above the ones provided by Excel, it is best to create a Excel Add-in. If you want to provide the user with only a limited set of functionalities and need control over all the user actions, you need to create a C# application with the Excel object embedded in it (or use 3rd party excel libraries which provide easy APIs).

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