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I have a set of values that are generated dynamically with a foreach loop, how can I add these into one value?

For instance, say I have a site where each node has a number associated with it. How can I add all these numbers together? So far I've figured it'd be something similar to the following, where the value of 'node.aNumberValue' is added to the next one, and so on:

@foreach (var x in nodes){

    var total = node.aNumberValue + node.aNumberValue (etc...);

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This is what you want, I think:

int total = 0;
@foreach (var x in nodes)
    total += x.aNumberValue;

Or even better, just:

<p>@nodes.Sum(x => x.aNumberValue)</p>
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Wow that's awesome, I've been working all day on this! Thanks! –  mmmoustache Apr 11 '12 at 16:45

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